LilRed (who_is_she) wrote in no_refinedsugar,


Hi, I wanted to put an introductory post here to explain why I started this community. I have recently decided to remove refined sugar from my diet, and to do to a more natural diet. I am trying my best not to purchase foods that contain "high fructose corn syrup", "sugar", "brown sugar", "evaporated cane juice", etc. I am still eating honey, and maple syrup. I havne't tried stevia, and I'm really not interested in eating artificial sweeteners, as I'd like to get away from eating anything that isnt' natural.

I dont really have a scientific basis for this urge to go natural, but so far it feels good. I'd like to see disucssions here of new research or websites devoted to this topic, recipes or products that people like that contain no sugar. I'd like to know how others have come to this type of diet, and how it's going.
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